Hangouts are SIMPLE but Not EASY –

Hangouts Made Easy was born – Hangout Coaching,Tips and Tricks from Hangouts made Easy
In May of 2013 John Paduchak and myself Ted Wosko found ourselves really interested and excited about Google+ hangouts. We could see the potential that what could be achieved in using these personally and for business.

Although we went our separate ways we were always in contact with each other on a regular basis discussing new developments and ideas we found for the use of Hangouts. We then found ourselves talking to each other at least once a day.

In September 2013 we decided we would partner up and use both our skills and knowledge to bring out a product that would make the controls and use of hangouts easy for any user.

Hangouts Made Easy

We got on with documenting and videoing all our knowledge which was no small feat as the product was going to be a step by step, hold the hand guide.

We wanted complete newcomers to be able to use our product even if they had never used hangouts before. We have made the instructions so easy to follow that even a child that can read would be able to get on, use and activate a hangout without an adult’s assistance.

We have had Hangouts Made Easy ready to go out three times but had to delay it because of major changes that Google made to the way you started, used and make an event for the hangouts on air.

In January 2014 we launched our product and every update that Google makes to Hangouts will be updated in *Hangouts Made Easy*.

We discuss everything to do with hangouts from tips and tricks to problem solving. You ask we answer.We also have a paid mastermind group for group coaching, where we reveal tips and tricks to take your marketing needs to the next level using the combination of Google+, hangouts on air and YouTube.

We also offer a very high end coaching program for individuals as well as businesses where everything is exposed for higher rankings, more engagement as well as a lot more insider secrets that will result in more revenue that will not be exposed unless you are in this coaching program.

This coaching will only be available for a selected few through an application process to determine whether this coaching is for you and that you are the correct dedicated person that will take action and implement our recommendations.

There is so much more you can learn about hangouts and there uses. We also came up with a few additional products along the way because Google Hangouts and success with them is dependent of your knowledge of Google Plus, and YouTube. So we now have Hangouts Made Easy, Plus Made Easy and Tube Made Easy. We also created HangCasting™ which is a combination of using Hangouts and Podcasting together.

Clearly we like making things easy so our next step was to create this site, Made Easy Systems where we will be putting together more courses that complement our use of Google Hangouts and make things easy so you can experience the ability to get new clients that are raving fans to Know, Like and Trust you through the power of video.

Here are a few things we found out along the way.

  • Google Hangouts is a powerful SEO, content creation, and client acquisition tool
  • It’s a great way to promote products, yourself, and make a great passive income
  • Google Hangouts is simple but not easy, which is why we added a coaching component for our students if they choose it
  • Many people who never made an income online are getting great results once they learn how to apply it to their business
  • Hangouts and Podcasting (HangCasting™) are a powerful combination